Celebrities Who Started There Career as a Porn-star

Celebrities Who Started There Career as a Porn-star

You will be surprised to know that some of your favorite celebrity star has put off every thing in order to get their first break in their career. From Jackie Chan to Shasha Gray their are many celebs who have changed their mainstream cinema

Here is the list of few celebs

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan

Image Credit : Forbes

Jackie Chan is a martial artist, stuntman, actor, producer, director and singer from Hong Kong is a well known face in Hollywood. But do you know before joining the main stream cinema he has played a role of ricksaw driver in the 70s porn-comedy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Image Credit : Youtube

Born in Austria, the former governor of California was a porn artist once upon a time before joining the main stream cinema. Arnold posed for several pornographic shots for a guy magazine and reportedly performed in a few adult movies as well.

Sylvester Stallone


Image Credit : ibtimes.co.uk

Sylvester Stallone or Italian Stallion as he was known in his early days as an adult entertainer has given us great movies like Rocky and Rambo. He started his acting career in 1970 in the soft porn flick “The Party at Kitty and Stud’s.” He was paid $200 for two days’ work.

Cameron Diaz


Image Credit : artcreationforever

Cameron Michelle Díaz an American actress, producer, model and soft porn actress!!! surprise? Yes she was an adult movie actress before becoming the hottest blonde bombshell. She is famous for her role “Natalie Cook” in the movie Charlie’s Angles.

Shu Qi


Image Credit : boomsbeat

Taiwanese actress and model Shu Qi, born Lin li-hui, famous for her role in the film The Transporter actress has worked as an adult star before became a mainstream movie star. She worked in the soft porn industry and even appeared in the Chinese version of Playboy.

Matt LeBlanc


Image Credit : sho

Matt LeBlanc is an American actor, comedian and producer famous for his role as “Joey” from F.R.I.E.N.D.S was a porn star before he become a household name. Matt acted in the Red Shoe Diaries, a mid-90s soft-core porn series.

David Duchovny


Image Credit : latimes

David Duchovny is addicted to sex, he entered himself into rehab for sex addiction in 2008. He also acted in the Red Shoe Diaries with Matt LeBlanc, a mid-90s soft-core porn series.

Helen Mirren


Image Credit : pixar-wikia

The Oscar award winning actress appeared in the film Caligula which featured explicit “Roman Orgy” scenes.

Sibel Kekilli


Image Credit : robaimages

‘Shea’ from Game of Thrones as many might recognize, Sibel Kekilli was a German porn star before turning mainstream. Her name as an adult film actress was ‘Dilara.’ Sibel has now successfully made the transition and has appeared in a number of projects since quitting adult entertainment.

Traci Lords


Image Credit : hbjzds

After having appeared in a number of adult films, some of which were performed when she was underage, she has later gone on to transform herself into a very successful mainstream actress.

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